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If you are looking for a present for your husband or yourself this DVD by Realtree, will be sure to be a big hit.

Realtree Monster Bucks XVI DVD Volume I Bill Jordan, Michael Waddell, David Blanton and his friends will take you inside of an amazing whitetail adventure, of the likes that you have not seen before.

During the hunt Three unbelievable bucks that score OVER 200 inches! Al Kraus takes the largest typical in the history of Monster Bucks, a 204 Iowa GIANT grunted in, and arrowed at 15 yards! Next, you’ll see Realtree’s Michael Waddell crawl to within 50 yards of a 200 mega Mulie in Colorado and lay the smack down on him!And finally, it’s back to Iowa with Lee & Tiffany LaKosky as they put their good friend Tom Roles on a 212 non-typical brute during muzzleloader season.

You excited yet? I am, this is an amazing DVD and the above three hunts are just the topping of the cake. There are 20 more hunts that deliver the absolute best, most insane buck footage you’ve ever seen.

Also included is behind the scenes footage of the annual archery tourney with T-Bone, plus Gear Guide and the Outfitter Guide. Travel to Montana, Illinois, Iowa, Kansas, Texas, Kentucky, Georgia, Colorado and Alberta, Canada and watch the best Monster Bucks of all time!

All of the other reviews that I have read on this DVD are out of this world. Wife’s buying it for their husbands each and every year.

In summary, you get – 23 HUNTS – 13 Bow Hunts – 8 States and Alberta – Gear Guide – Outfitters Guide – Bonus Footage of 120 Minutes

Realtree Outdoors Monster Bucks

Realtree Outdoors Monster Bucks

Hunting DVD Information Hunting DVD, Realtree Outdoors Monster Bucks

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