Hunting DVD – Drury Outdoors Whitetail Madness 12

Looking for a video that will simply blow your mind? How about the diary of an entire team of madmen! Giant, mature whitetails. Whitetail Madness 12 catalogs the fanaticism of the Drury Outdoors Team from shed hunting in March to the blowing snow of the late muzzleloader season. This chest pounding 150 minutes of non-stop excitement will make any avid hunters mouth drool with envy. Of the 18 Hunts by bow, gun and muzzleloader, 7 score over 160 ! Mark Drury heads West to Wyoming with Rick and Julie Kreuter for a rollercoaster ride of emotions that skids to a dead stop with 136 and 131 lethal strikes from the X-Force. Terry kicks off his season with the take down of a 170 6/8 Missouri monster with a bow his second biggest buck ever. Never to be outdone, Mark heads to Iowa and takes a a 168 8 point giant that measures over 24 wide. Jim Thome thumps a 171 Illinois stud! And Taylor Drury keeps the family tradition alive by snuffing out a 136 with her T/C.

This video is sure to leave you breathless !! Well worth the Cost!!

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